Frequently Asked Questions about the Spotify Service


Important things to note before ordering

- We only accept decent quality tracks to properly maintain our playlist network.

- If we decline to work with any of your tracks, that just means we don't think the track would be a good fit for our playlists.

- Refund Policy: You'll be fully refunded if we can't work with your track (within 1-3 business days).


Methods used to promote your track

- Playlist placement

- Ads with business partners

- Direct collaborations with curators and labels

- We will find the best ideal and individual solution for every need.


Why can the promotion results vary?

- The nature of organic Spotify promotion means the results can vary.

- It is likely to gain passive traffic as there is a high chance listeners will save and add your track to their private playlists.

- This helps trigger the Spotify algorithm and makes your track more likely to be discovered by more people.


How can I see growth from a campaign?

- You can visit your Spotify for Artists account to see how many streams your track has generated in each playlist or directly.


My track is not getting enough streams

- If after 2 weeks your track is not getting enough streams, please email the campaign manager with a screenshot of your Spotify for Artists stats and we will do our best to fix this issue.


The playlist I was placed in is not specific to the genre of my track

- Sometimes your track might be placed in a playlist that contains multiple music genres. In such cases, your track is placed according to the style of music we believe would be appropriate for that list, like a radio playlist that includes Pop, Country and Indie.


Can you target a specific audience?

- Unfortunately we cannot target a specific audience for your track.


Frequently Asked Questions about the SoundCloud Service


What is the repost service on the SoundCloud network?

- Our repost service on the SoundCloud network offers the following benefits:

- Your track, playlist or album will be reposted on the SoundCloud channels of our network partners

- This will generate new streams and help your music gain traction and recognition on the SoundCloud platform

Frequently Asked Questions about the YouTube Service


Why is YouTube promotion important for musicians?

- Engaging with listeners is the best way to turn listeners into fans. YouTube is a great platform for this.

- Having a real and active fan base is extremely important for a musician to get shows and be able to sign with (major) record labels.

Can explicit content be promoted?

- It depends on how explicit the content is. If nudity, drug use, blood/gore, violence and the like are shown, Google will disapprove the ad for "shocking" or "adult" content.

- However, mild profanity or brief, slightly suggestive content is generally approved. If you're unsure if your track will be approved, don't hesitate to contact us by email.


Will my content continue to grow after the service?

- Absolutely! That's the idea behind our service. We don't just want to push your song, we want to push your entire channel through that song.

- The goal is to gain subscribers who continue to engage with your content, both past and future.


Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Mastering Service


What format should I send the file in?

- We ask that you send us the audio file in WAV format.


What is the recommended volume level?

- We recommend sending us the file with a volume level of -6dB.


What are the costs of the mastering service?

- You can find the prices for our professional mastering service in the dedicated section.


Common Questions and Answers:


I've ordered, what now?

- Thank you for ordering! A campaign manager is going to listen to your song and reach out.


Are you able to push every song and every language or genre?

- Being a legitimate promotion company, we cannot push every song. If curators within our network cannot push the song, we will alternatively try with ads, but always if we can guarantee you the streams chosen from the package, otherwise we will always provide a refund.

- Generally all genres of music are accepted, minus the niche ones or bad quality.


How long will my campaign last?

- Usually a campaign lasts between two and eight weeks, depends by the genre of music, the type of song, the quality of the song, and more.


Do I have to wait for my song to be released before purchasing a promotions package?

- You don't have to wait for your song to be released before you purchase a promotions package.


Do you offer any guarantees on follower growth or engagement?

- While we optimize campaigns to achieve the best possible engagement, we cannot guarantee specific numbers. Results can vary based on factors like music genre and audience preferences. In some cases, like Spotify or YouTube ad campaigns, we can provide estimates on campaign performance.


Are there any restrictions on the content of the music submitted?

- We reserve the right to refuse to promote tracks that violate our content guidelines.


What happens if my music doesn't perform as expected during the campaign?

- Although we strive to achieve optimal results, individual track performance can vary. If your expectations are not met, we offer consultations to better understand your goals and adapt strategies accordingly.


Can I cancel a campaign once it's started?

- Once a campaign has started, we generally don't accept cancellations. However, we are aware that circumstances can arise and we are open to discussing options on a case-by-case basis.


Do you work with both independent artists and record labels?

- Yes, we work with both independent artists and record labels. Our promotional strategies are tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of music creators.


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